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How The Chillow Works...
Your car's radiator works to keep your automobile's 250 Degree engine cool by using water to help dissipate heat to the air. Hot fluid enters the radiator, loses its heat, and cool water travels back thru the system to begin the process again.

A Wonderful Cooling Sensation!
The Chillow acts as a radiator for your body. It uses water to absorb, and then dissipate heat back to the surrounding air, leaving a cool sensation. It stays dry on the outside, and does not need refrigeration. It is very relaxing and enjoyable, indeed!

Dream A Little Dream...
Experts recommend keeping your sleep setting cool as one of the best tips to get great sleep. The Chillow® device does just this without power, noise, or moisture; and it does not overcool you like power devices often do.

While still soothing to sleep on, Chillow Plus is especially made for your active lifestyle. From bumps and bangs to bad days at the office, working out or working late, this new design brings soothing comfort to everyday living.

Chillow Plus: The Chillow Plus uses SoothSoft technology with water to absorb and then dissipate heat back into the air producing a dry, natural, gentle cooling effect. With its one time activation, this non-toxic, non-gel product requires no power. Traditional cold packs sweat & are too cold. Chillow Plus is comfortably cool & dry.

Fits Standard Pillow 13.5 x 20.5 x .625"

Chillow Mini: The Chillow Mini is not just for your pillow. Place it under a sore lower back, on a swollen knee, or twisted ankle... just about anywhere you need cooling relief.

Chillow Petite Relief: Hey ladies, we heard you! You told us you wanted a smaller Chillow for cramps or muscle aches... and you wanted it in pink!

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Chillow is a registered trademark of Soothsoft Innovations Worldwide, Inc.                                                         
This product is manufactured under license from Soothsoft Innovations Worldwide and is protected under one or more US and Foreign patents or patents pending, including US 5632051, US 5991948, & US D65441.

The Chillow is powered by SoothSoft comfort technology
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The Chillow is powered by SoothSoft technology
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What others are saying...

R. Vincent - "Works great for PMS cramps. My husband has a bum shoulder he uses it on."
B. Kiehl - "I would wake up several times during the first hour in bed just to flip the pillow over because it got hot, until I got a Chillow. It took a little getting used to at first, but I now love it."
Y. Sandler - "I put one in my
little doggie's indoor bed
during the summer."

C. Burgess - "I saw this on Rachael Ray, she tested it
and the lady said that it works great for menopause!" 
T. Moore - "We've had 2 Chillow pillows for about four years. This summer I got a nasty sunburn, so I tried it under my blistered back. Amazing! It drew the heat away from the burn and the next morning I was a lot better."

R. Stephens - "It's so hard to
buy presents for people in my family. I give Chillows on birthdays and Christmas to those who don't have one yet. Always a surprise, and they always thank me later when they find out how good it works." 

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The Chillow is a thin, very soft, medical grade, non-electric thermoregulating device. Designed to keep your pillow cool... it's a steady, lasting, and super comforting sensation which doesn't blow air, make noise, or cost money to run. Just activate it one time, leave it in your pillow full-time, and enjoy the very soothing and relaxing effect it will give you night after night.
One year warranty.

Watch our video clip from the Rachel Ray Show... Rachel had a person suffering from hot flashes try a Chillow for a few days at home... see how she used it and hear what she had to say (she loved it!) Plus see what Rachel's doctor guest thought about the Chillow...

Special! The Chillow is on sale... plus free shipping available!

The Chillow is great for lower back pain
Chillow works great on sprains
Get a cool nights sleep with Chillow
Chillow provides comfort during pregnancy
The Chillow keeps your pillow cool
Tired of hot pillows?

Pillows are like a desert - HOT! The materials they're made of trap heat on your face. This heat is uncomfortable and may even prevent you from getting your best and deepest sleep.
The Chillow is like an oasis for your pillow... cool, soothing and relaxing. This added comfort increases your chances for better, more restful sleep. It's like sleeping in the shade with a gentle breeze. It's gentle yet steady cooling sensation will have you looking forward to bedtime! It's just so fantastic, you'll NEVER want to go back to a hot old pillow!
The Chillow is a NEW level of personal comfort, like you've never before experienced. Medical grade materials for safety and durability... glove leather soft top for supreme comfort... extra soft core for supple support... new Hydrosooth backside doubles your cooling sensation.
Terrific for hot people, hot pillows, hot flashes, headaches, back pain, insect bites, muscle cramps, fevers, nightsweats, sunburn, & more!